As featured on Create and Craft. Fabric Affair Collection Hand Dyed Pure Wool-9 pre-cut 5" squares of 9 colours.

Price:£16.00 plus p&p.
As featured on Create and Craft. Fabric Affair Tweed Fabric Bundle - 4 x 8th of a Metre 100% Wool.

Price:£25.00 plus p&p.
As featured on Create and Craft. Fabric Affair:Rowena Ramsbottom Doorstop Kit..

Price; £48.00 plus p&p.

Fabric Affair is an event retailer, operating a number of shows across Europe, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

We specialize in selling artisan woven Donegal tweed, patterns, kits and teaching to crafters and quilters.We are proud to be associated with M'c Nutts of Donegal, producing and selling beautiful Donegal tweed. Fabric Affair operates an online store, retailing Donegal tweed, patterns, merchandise , collections and our new range of hand dyed wool.  

Fabric Affair will be launching a new show on The Create and Craft Channel on Sunday 9th February 2020.  Feel free to browse our fabulous range of Donegal Tweed, Kits, Quilts and  Patterns we have on offer.

By popular demand , Fabric Affair will be starting a new version of the popular quilt, ''Geese in the Garden'' block of the month in January 2020. Check out Fabric Affair store for further details.

March 26th-28th 2020, I will be exhibiting our finest Donegal tweed, quilt kits, patterns and our new hand dyed range of fabric at the first Quilting & Knitting Fayre Stormont Hotel Belfast

Why not join our New Donegal Tweed Fabric Club and enjoy creating wonderful projects, through a warm and friendly environment.