New Fabric Affair Collection of Hand Dyed Pure Wool.

Fabric Affair Collection. Hand Dyed Pure Wool - 9 Pre -cut 5" Squares in 9 Colours. Price: £16.00 plus p&p.
Fabric Affair:Collection Hand Dyed Pure Wool - 5 Pre -cut 10" Squares in 5 Colours Price:£35.00 plus p&p.
Fabric Affair Collection: Hand Dyed Pure Wool, Pick ‘n’ Mix - 1 Pre -cut 10" Square in 5 Colours(Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink). Price: £6.00 plus p&p.

We have been hand dying our own collection of wool fabric for over 12 months now, and the demand is steadily increasing, so we are very pleased to offer this new collection. We are hand dying in our own workroom in Donegal, and dying in small batches to create something unique and special. We start the process using best quality tweed from McNutts of Donegal, and then over dye to achieve brighter and non-traditional tweed colours. The tweed used is a variety of textures, weaves and wool (lambs wool, merino) so we achieve a fabulous range of colours each time we dye. No two dye runs are identical, which is a feature of the finished product, and after dying we wash and dry the tweed to ensure that it is colour fast and ready to use. To achieve the beautiful colours all the tweed is boiled, so it is felted ready to use for all your applique or felting projects.