Fabric Affair Dye Works.

Fabric Affair have produced a new range of hand dyed wool tweed to make your quilting projects even more dynamic.  We have created a beautiful new themed range of  rich and vibrant colours. 

The wool tweed is dyed in small batches to ensure the quality remains consistent, however each dye batch has its own personality.

The dyes that we use are non-hazardous and are a mixture of organic dye stuffs making little or no impact on the environment.  They do not contain any disolvable metals and are non toxic.

Hand dyed pieces measure approximately 9" x 14" (23cm x 36cm).  Measurements are approximate as the wool textiles respond individually to the dye process, with each textile shrinking and felting differently.  Each piece is unique and there is no guarantee of colour matching of future dye works.

Please take the opportunity to view the selection of hand dyed wool tweed at our